Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

This is a few days old but it's still driving me nuts.

On Thursday's "Grey's Anatomy" season premier, a major part of the storyline was the weather.

Three women and three men were in separate car accidents due to icy roads.

Sandra Oh's character, Cristina, slipped on a patch of ice and was impaled by an icicle.

The writers knew the season premier was in September, right? My quick check to showed it was 67 degrees in Seattle on Friday.

Was it strange to anyone else to have ice play such a major part in a September premier?

I'm sure the writers could have created something else to impale Sandra Oh. Meredith's incessant babble about moving in with McDreamy would have made me stab myself.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Live from New York

I just returned from the spring market in NYC. It was a blast. Totally exhausting. But, it's always fun to see what's next in fashion.

The influence of the 1960s and 70s could definitely be felt. And, one phrase could sum up the styles for spring 2009: opposite ends of the spectrum. Bold colors and prints were used. But, so were neutrals. Short, dresses with straight silhouettes were dominant. But, so were long dresses skimming the floor.

From a tall chick perspective, if you have great legs, the short dress is for you. They typically hit above the knee so it's your chance to show off your killer calves. (Or, in my case, kankles.) As always, the challenge will be finding the short dress in an appropriate length.

The long "maxi" dress is another story. They make me pause. There's a lot of risk associated with something that looks so comfortable and easy. My advice here: use discretion. They're supposed to hit at the ankle on "normal" women so the risk for tall chicks is they'll hit at the dreaded mid-calf. Also, these dresses look best on women who are really thin. So, if you're like me and could stand to lose a few, this may not be the trend for you.

Goodbye, Wave

What happened to the wave?

I'm not talking about the hello or goodbye wave. Or, the stadium wave.

I'm talking about the wave. The one you give on the road when another driver lets you in.

When did it become okay to not show your appreciation to fellow motorists?

I always give the wave. In fact, I probably over wave.

We should bring back the wave.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Human Nature

As I listened to the news reports predicting the destructive path of hurricane Ike, I kept asking myself, why won't those people leave? City officials say it's a grim situation. Why won't they leave?

Fast forward to last night. It's 6 p.m. and the tornado sirens are blaring in Kansas City. What are my hubby and I doing? Deciding where to go for dinner. Yes, as in, the tornado sirens are screaming, all you can find on TV are meterologists telling you to take cover, and we're about to drive somewhere to eat. Genius!

Is it fair to be frustrated with the people of Galveston when I was about to embark on my own last supper of sorts? How can I slight them for disregarding government warnings when I was deliberately ignoring the siren designed to protect me?

Even my mom refuses to go to the basement when the tornado sirens sound. And, it's not like her basement is a dungeon. It's finished with a huge flat screen TV and DVD player. Insetad, she insists on remaining on the top floor of her home, near glass and windows, doing what she wants to do.

We used to live in the burbs. And, I swear, nothing started a block party faster than tornado sirens. It went something like this: Severe storm. Greenish sky. Tornado siren. Neighbors outside looking at the sky. Neighbors outside looking at the sky with beers in their hands.

Are we really that different than those who choose to wait out Katrina, Ike or the next big storm?