Monday, May 28, 2007

To all who serve: Thank you

On Memorial Day, please take a moment to thank or pray for those who have fought for our freedom. I am thankful for these brave men and women AND their families. Can you imagine going a year without seeing your loved one while they served their country? I'd lose it.

If you live in Kansas City, check out the Liberty Memorial. I believe it's the nation's only WWI memorial (note to self: hire fact-checker) and each Memorial Day, they surround the drive with American flags.

If it doesn't put tears in your eyes, you must be a Russian.

Also, the Wall Street Journal had a great editorial in the May 26-27 edition. Titled, "Home of the Brave," it talked about the 40,000 members of the military who are not American citizens. It will make you think twice about the immigration debate.

To all who serve: From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Memo to Jimmy Carter: Zip it!

I respect all that Jimmy Carter has done for this country but his recent comments about the Bush administration have me thinking one thing: Zip it!

There's an unspoken rule among former presidents: Don't comment on the performance of the current president.

For cryin' out loud, Jimmy, even Bill Clinton has managed to follow this unspoken rule. Bill, "blue dress" Clinton! Can't you play nice in the sandbox?

And, now, he's telling us his words were misinterpreted. What part of Bush’s administration being the “worst in history" does he think we misunderstood?

And, on another note, is anyone else DREADING the forced kiss we're going to be subjected to between Bill and Hillary? You know it's coming. He's out campaigning for her. NO ONE truly believes they're in love so they'll do that staged french kiss.

Remember Al and Tipper's tonsil swap? I think all of America immediately thought of their own parents "doing it."

In a word? GAG.

The other woman

It happened again this weekend. Sigh. But this time the wound cut a little deeper because (insert dramatic theme music here) another woman said it. (Gasp!)

So, I'm lounging by the pool when one of my WOMAN neighbors made a comment about my size. I think it went something like, "Well, you're a bigger woman anyway..." In fact, I'm sure it went EXACTLY like that.

Why do I distinguish that she's a woman? Because in my experience, whether you're 6'2 like me or 5'2 like her, all chicks have image issues. I expect a man to use the "b" word (and then have me blog about him). I expect a woman to know that no lady ever wants to be thought of as big. (Unless she's Russian.)

I mean, would you ever say to one of your heavier friends, "Well, you're a fatter woman..." or "You're a balder man..." or "Your breath stinks and you look like a troll..."

NO! Because you read this blog and are educated on the importance of manners.

Tall chicks everywhere: My mission to educate the ill-informed continues.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Please and Thank You

On a recent family vaca to the Florida gulf, I was pulled over for speeding. And, saying "speeding" is putting it lightly. The officer clocked me at 68 in a 45 and then at 68 in a 35. (Hee, hee, hee...insert nervous laughter here.)

The officer asked if I knew why he pulled me over. "No..." I responded hoping it was the tail light on our 2007 rental car. I then received the unfortunate news of how fast I was going. (Would you believe the accelerator was stuck?)

Public Service Announcement: Maybe it's because my grandfather was a police officer but I have little tolerance for people who are rude to cops. I was definitely irritated that I was pulled over but mad at myself -- not at the officer who was simply doing his job.

I responded to the rest of his questions with the manners my mama taught me and then waited...some country song played on the radio while he ran my plates, checked my record and I hoped, hoped, hoped I'd remember to pay that parking ticket from last year.

When the officer returned to my car, he gave me the good news. Since I was so nice and polite he was only ticketing me for going 45 in a 35. Sweet. That saved me $300 and a second trip to the gulf for a court appearance. All for saying please and thank you.

I received even better news today. Upon calling to pay my ticket via credit card (the other option was certified check. Really? Certified checks are a whole other bothersome blog), I learned the ticket was never turned in. And, if after 15 days the county hasn't received it, the ticket is removed.

Hold on, I need to go buy a lottery ticket.

Here's my take: First, I'm appreciative of the officer for slowing me down. Even by my NASCAR standards, 68 in a 35 is too dang fast. Second, I don't know if it's a stretch but I like to think my manners and kindness made it a little easier for this police officer to "forget" to submit my ticket.

Moral of the story? Let's be nice to each other.

Class dismissed.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A "Big" Woman Like You

It happens to every tall chick and today was my day. Three different men felt the need to comment on my size. The first two were at the gym -- fine, I just made happy chat ("Yes, I played basketball..."), put my headphones on and went back to "sweatin' to the oldies." The last "gentleman" actually followed me through the grocery store. At first, I thought I was imagining it. But, then, no, I realized he was actually shopping for me. When we finally did talk (hooray), he wooed me with lines like, "I've been looking for a BIG woman your size." My self-esteem just soared. Public Service Announcement: At no time is it ever okay to call a woman "big." Ever.

Does it sound like I'm whining? I'm not. Being 6'2 this happens a lot and I typically don't mind it. I really enjoy people and meeting new friends. Sometimes though, humanity lets me down with chucklehead comments like, "Do you play rugby?"

Tall chicks everywhere: I'm looking out for you.